Take Charge of your Network
with Easy NAC

See everything on the network and enforce network access to meet security regulations and policies. Automatically control which devices are allowed, enroll guests, register IOT devices, and identify users and computers. 

Simplify Network Access Control
with Easy NAC

  • Full visibility, control, and response 
  • Simple and affordable
  • Easily deployed and managed
  • Integrates with enterprise software without agents 
  • Compatible with all networks

For over 15 years, enterprises have trusted InfoExpress to protect millions of endpoints and thousands of sites worldwide.

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Be Secure

  • See everything
  • Stop rogue devices and threats
  • Control guest and device access
  • Protect LAN, wireless, and VPN
  • Detect new devices

Take Control

  • Control access for LAN and WiFi
  • Authorize by role and identity
  • Remediate PCs
  • Compatible with managed and unmanaged switches

Deploy Quickly

  • Agentless enforcement
  • No network changes
  • Heterogeneous and vendor neutral
  • Works with managed and unmanaged switches

Easy NAC vs the Competition

Easy NACISEClearPassCounterACT
Detects all Devices
Controls Access
Policy Based Access
Device Profiling
Posture Checking
Guest Access
Yes YesYesYes
No Network ChangesYesNoNoNo
Multi Vendor ConfigurationEasyDifficultMediumEasy
No Endpoint ChangesYesNoNoYes
Compatible with
all networks
(Enterprise and
Easily and Inexpensively
extended to
remote locations*
Deployment Cost$$$$$$$$$$
Operational Cost$$$$$$$
Product Cost$$$$$$$$$ to $$$$$

* For an organization with 500 remote sites, 20 users per site, heterogeneous network, diverse devices, posture checks for AV and OS, and local access to the Internet.

Protect your Business

Complying with network security regulations and policies doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive. Know and control your network with Easy NAC, the simple and affordable Network Access Control solution.  

Easy NAC’s unique technology requires no network configuration changes or agents. Add network access control with ease, to one site or a thousand.

Easy NAC automatically detects, profiles, and governs device access with extensive software and cloud orchestration modules. 

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