CGX Access Appliance

The CGX Access appliance is the heart of Easy NAC, offering full-featured, agentless network access control without network changes or endpoint configuration.

CGX Access detects all devices on the network by collecting data from the network, provides visualization tools so administrators can quickly understand what’s on the network, and automatically responds to security issues.   

Upon detecting unauthorized or non-compliant devices, CGX Access automatically quarantines or restricts devices, and assists with remediation.  CGX Access also  monitors baseline security, ensures BYOD devices are registered, and manages guest accounts.

CGX Access includes many integrations with third party products and services, including Active Directory, firewalls, antivirus, patch management, cloud services, and social media. Customizable integrations can interface with proprietary systems for greater flexibility. 


  • Full visibility of all devices on the network
  • Zero trust, automatic quarantining of rogue devices
  • Alerts to administrators
  • Supports guest access, BYOD, and remediation 
  • Collects data from the network 
  • Integrates with endpoint security including AV and patch management
  • Integrates with infrastructure including AD, firewall, and APT
  • Integrates with cloud based services and social media 


CGX Access is available as a physical appliance or as a virtual appliance, with different models to accommodate the needs of any site and organization. Device licenses sold separately.
Appliance SpecificationsAccess Mini
CGX Access
Access 200
Access 500
Access 600
Access VM
Maximum Devices300*2,500*5,000*10,000*10,000*10,000*
Maximum Subnets10100100*200*200*200*
Number of Ports488810
2 pairs of
by-pass NICs.
8-10 virtual

* Capacity based on typical usage. Actual capacity depends on number of VLANs, endpoints, and features enabled.


Extend NAC to remote sites with inexpensive vLinks. By combining a central CGX Access appliance with inexpensive vLinks, NAC can be added to satellite offices, service centers, franchise locations, retail centers, and home offices.

With no configuration or network changes, even non-IT staff can install vLinks. As a true drop in place solution, vLinks can be added to any site in minutes without network changes or on-site configuration, even by non-IT personnel.

Key Benefits

  • Extends CGX Access to remote sites
  • Ideal for smaller sites without local IT personnel
  • Installs in seconds without configuration
  • Different models to meet different site requirements


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