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Easy NAC Network Access Control

Know and Control What's on your Network

Protect your Business

Maintaining regulatory compliance by safeguarding your network doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive.

Know and control your network with Easy NAC, the simple and affordable Network Access Control solution. Easy NAC automatically discovers devices, profiles them, and controls access to the network.

Easy NAC’s unique technology requires no network changes or agents. Deploy network access control with ease to one site or a thousand.

Tame your Network

See Everything – Orchestrate Access – Automate Policy

Be Secure

  • See everything
  • Stop rogues and threats
  • Enroll guest, BYOD, and IOT devices
  • Integrate with enterprise software and cloud services

Take Control

  • Control access for LAN and wifi
  • Authorize by role and identity
  • Remediate PCs
  • Compatible with enterprise and consumer networks

Deploy Quickly

  • Agentless deployment
  • No network changes
  • No 802.1x or SPAN ports
  • Quickly extend to remote sites
  • Transparent to users

Gartner’s “Market Guide Network Access Control 2018” covers Easy NAC.


Easy NAC is an ideal solution for organizations with many locations, like those in healthcare, finance, or services.


eSecurityPlanet reviews how the InfoExpress NAC appliance manages visibility and access for organizations.

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Use Cases

Learn how Easy NAC detects and ensures compliance for thousands of devices without the cost or complexity of traditional NAC solutions.


Learn how Easy NAC appliances let organizations easily monitor and enforce access at hundreds of locations, while providing full visibility.


Learn how vLinks can quickly and inexpensively add NAC to remote locations, with zero site configuration.

Our Business

For over 15 years, enterprises across the world have trusted InfoExpress NAC solutions to protect millions of endpoints and thousands of sites. 

As the original inventors of NAC, we’ve designed Easy NAC to meet the needs of today’s organizations, which have fewer borders and more locations than ever before.