Introduces the Easy NAC solution. This clip discusses key features, including what makes Easy NAC easy to deploy.

Easy Enforcement

Shows how Easy NAC uses ARP to manage access, without any network changes.

Deception – Hacking Detection

Zero Trust Demo

See how untrusted devices are immediately isolated from the network and automatically handled.

Agentless Compliance

Create deep, comprehensive endpoint policies without agents. 

CrowdStrike Integration

See how Easy NAC integrates with CrowdStrike Falcon.

SentinelOne Integration

See how Easy NAC integrates with SentinelOne.

Orchestration Demo

Define and handle security events automatically, by integrating policies with your existing enterprise management services.  

Guest Access

Manage access to the network for visitors. 

Zero-Day Behavior Detection

Immediately and automatically detect, react, and report on suspicious device activity. 

Agent-based Compliance

Use the optional agent to develop policies that drill deep into the endpoint 

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